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My lovely gift from Femmefest!

Hey so--Femmefest is starting to post. I'm behind the times with doing my reading, but my very lovely gift fic has been posted! It's a very lovely, haunting piece... and a total surprise because somewhere in the middle of things I sort of forgot that I was also getting a fic! Anyway, here's the specs on the fic:

Title: Tea, Tears and Truths
Recipient: </a></b></a>maz333
Rating: R
Pairing(s): Molly/Bella, Narcissa/?
Summary: Molly had killed her sister during the Battle of Hogwarts, but now Narcissa was inviting her to lunch. What is going on?
Warnings: None that I can think of except exceptional sisterly jealousy.
Word Count: 4334
Author's Notes: For Maz333, I hope you enjoy this. This was a very different paring for me and not an easy one to write. All I can say is that I did my best. Many thanks to my anon. Beta who really must get on LJ one of these days.
( o-o-o-o )

On a less happy note, I am going to have to not just randomly not post for awhile as I've been doing, but truly disappear for awhile. I have some family things going on right now that not only caused me to back out of doing a pinch hit for the Femmefest but is really taking all my time. So... I'll probably post my own fic from Femmefest once reveals go up at the end of April, but after that I will be on an indefinite, not even pretending to try to write, leave of absence. Sadness.

Femme Fest!

So... Perhaps I should've mentioned this awhile ago. But I am participating in my very first fest, [info]FEMMEFEST. I'm really excited! Working on my submissions now, but also kind of terrified. Writing to deadlines is not really my forte, and now I've been asked to pinch hit as well (why oh why did I click that box for my first fest?!). AHH! Hopefully it will all come together nicely; I'm actually really excited about both my prompts.


Echo, Echo, Echo...

Once upon a time, there was a tricksy Real Life that kept a very nice young woman we shall affectionately call Maz from doing anything fun like finishing her girlslashy HP WIPs. She was always very sorry when that trickster delayed her yet again, but she always promised to return. With presents.

There was one time, however, after a particularly exuberant New Year's Eve party, that she had no presents and had only come to say: "I think that Burning shall be a one-shot after all. Although I do see next steps for it, I like the openness of the ending and prefer to let readers come to their own conclusions. However, I had incredible fun writing Pansy/Ginny and think I shall do more in the future. I would prefer to focus on Year Seven right now, though, because it is an Epic. Or should be. Maybe. Hopefully?"
Title: Burning
Pairing: Pansy/Ginny, Harry/Ginny
Rating: R
Warnings: It's a pretty hard R for sex, but doesn't quite cross into NC-17. At least not in my mind.
Author's Notes: Started off from the hp_girlslash Poetry/Lyric mini-fest. Quickly grew out of control.

ETA: I thought for awhile that I would make this a three part fic, but as I stated in another entry, I think it will remain a one-shot for many and vast reasons, the most notable of which is that I prefer the open ending. Someday it may get continued with separate standalone fics.

Burning, Part ICollapse )
So, six million years later I have the first part of the first chapter done. Whew. Hopefully writing/posting won't always go this slow, but I had to reread DH and that took forever. It is emphatically not my favorite HP book. Anyway, here we go:


Millicent Bulstrode, Year Seven: Chapter 1.1Collapse )



Here I am, actually trying to work on Y7, and it's all down and making me sad. Why, oh, why?
On the off chance that anyone actually reads this (I'm not holding my breath), I thought I'd note that I am not, in fact, dead. I am still working on my seventh year fic, but now that I've gotten past the first flush of inspiration, I'm finding that I have to actually, you know... organize things. Starting by rereading DH. Possibly my least favorite of the books (no, wait, that's not counting CAPSLOCKS!Harry or the Chest Monster of Doom).

Anyway, so rereading, doing some organization by way of calendar, and spending a great deal of mental time with Millie (she hates it when I call her that).

A Conversation with MillicentCollapse )

What, HP fic???

I've been doing a lot of HP thinking and fantasizing and am building my own world within the world. More to come. For the moment, I'm thinking quite a bit about that year of war at Hogwarts that we missed most of in DH. Thus, I thought I'd try to throw something out there.

Warnings: I have not written HP fic in a Very Long Time. I have not written much prose in a Very Long Time. Writing again is going to be a process and most likely it shall consist of experiments in trying to suck less. I have also not reread the books in a Very Long Time, but I reread the little piece of info about Hogwarts under the Carrows in DH, and I've been reading fic, so hopefully I won't make any huge canonical errors.

You have been warned.

Millicent Bulstrode, Year Seven: PrologueCollapse )

Floating: A Poem

Ooh, wrote a poem. Very exciting.